The world of Kor has just come through a period of drastic change. Not only have the governments of the world been recently forced to reconsider foreign policy; they have been forced to unite against a powerful and unreachable foe. Gorath, rumored to be a powerful wizard, has seemingly called back his forces from the corners of the globe, his plan for global domination narrowly thwarted through the united efforts of the world’s mightiest heroes and the governments that stand behind them.

75 years later, peace reigns on Kor… but for how much longer? Chaos has been suppressed by law, evil has been suppressed by good; however, the people have all but forgotten Gorath’s efforts and those with adventure in their hearts grow restless. The governments all squabble despite their professed unity, and corruption flourishes in the pits of cities that once shone pristine. Pressure builds underneath the facade of peace maintained on the planet. It would take very little to completely break order as it now stands, plunging the entire world into chaos. The atmosphere itself seems unstable, even the weather seeming to change suddenly and at random. For the first time in years, those who yearn for adventure shall get their wish.


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